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State Winner for 'Building Communities' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024; State Winner for 'Promoting Sustainability' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022
State Winner for 'Building Communities' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024; State Winner for 'Promoting Sustainability' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022
NatureArt Lab Newsletter - September 2023

NatureArt Lab Newsletter - September 2023

NatureArt Lab
Photo of Flowers
Image: 'Flowers in life and watercolour' - Karen Holloway

Spring is here!

The beginning of September also marks the start of Spring, it's a great time to get out and see nature as the new growth blooms and animals tend to their young. As Term Three draws to a close and Term Four approaches we wanted to take the time to talk about one of our long-running classes featuring a brand new teacher. Karen Holloway is running our ACT Watercolour One class in the evenings starting from the 10th of October. It's a great opportunity for anyone who is busy with work or life to attend the class during the day.
Karen is also running a great short course on 'Botanicals in Acrylics' from 4 - 18 September exploring the beautiful colours and patterns of floral design, using sustainable, environmentally friendly acrylic paints. 
We also have many more courses to choose from in each state later in the newsletter! Check our website for more details here!


'Nature in Pastels' and 'Drawing One Foundation Studies' with multidisciplinary artist Adam Stockdale at Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre. 

Image: 'Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre' - Brisbane City Council

Karawatha Forest is a bushland reserve just outside of Brisbane's CBD, it's a beautiful area and home to over 500 unique flora and fauna species with a few of the rarest species found within the Greater Brisbane area. The reserve boasts the highest frog diversity in Brisbane and is home to the Compton Road Wildlife Overpass: a land-bridge specifically built for animals to safely cross to the neighbouring Kuraby Nature Refuge. 

We're hoping to start running some of our Brisbane courses at this incredible nature reserve, starting with Adam Stockdale's weekend workshop on site 'Nature in Pastels' and then a four-week course 'Introduction to Drawing'.  Watch this space!
Photography Takes Flight in Brisbane - with wildlife photographer Danny McCreadie
Image: 'Night Heron' - Danny McCreadie

Learn how to photograph our beautiful bird species with award-winning photographer Danny McCreadie. This one day workshop will be held at Bunyaville on 8 October 2023. Spend a day with Danny with back-to-basics camera handling, and practical field-based exercises to further your photography skills and receive practical lessons and advice from an expert!
More Brisbane classes and information is available here. 


Connect with Nature Through Journaling

Image: 'Kangaroo Grass, Nature Journaling' - Julia Landford

Discover and reflect on the world around us while learning about the principles and practice of nature journaling with NAL director Julia Landford! The first session is dedicated to learning about ecopsychology and how drawing, writing and observation can help us connect with nature. After that, each week will see your class heading to a new location in the field for observations and journaling practice. The course starts from the 11th of October - you can find out more about it here.
Weaving Colour From Plants - with Valerie Kirk!

Image: 'Tapestry' - Valerie Kirk

Join award winning weaver Valerie Kirk and create a tapestry with colours inspired from Australian flora! This class coincides with the 'Woven Tapestry Narratives at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra with Australian tapestry artists telling their stories associated with Australian plants. In the materiality, colour and woven images they reflect our lives, contemporary issues and the plant world around us now. This exhibition is on from 20 September to 29 October 2023. The weaving course starts on 3rd October and is on every following Tuesday until the 31st (except the 24th). Bookings and further information is available here


For further details on our exciting short art courses, online art classes, and Canberra wildlife photography program for Term Four click here. 


Nature Tours

Due to popular demand we've added more dates for our Australian nature tours to Heron Island and our annual Montague Island Nature Tour! Join our highly trained NAL team and explore these beautiful destinations while receiving guided tutoring on art, journaling, photography and nature walks!

Image: 'Crested Terns' - Lesley Wallington

Montague Island for Artists
Whether you are an artist or a nature photographer, you will love this opportunity to sit amidst hundreds of breeding terns and gulls with newly emerged chicks, watch the little penguins arrive ashore in the evenings and see seals on the rocky shoreline.

Image: 'Silver Gull in flight' - Glenn Pure

If you are a nature photographer, you will love this small group opportunity to observe breeding terns and gulls with newly emerged chicks, watch the little penguins arrive ashore in the evenings and see seals on the rocky shoreline. Immerse yourself in nature.

Develop your bird photography skills with our guest and award-winning photographer Glenn Pure. Build your camera skills, develop your field techniques for anticipating and composing your images, and cover aspects of post-processing.

Heron Island for Artists and Nature Lovers
Image: 'Sea Turtle' - Dr. Lindsay Marshall
Experience the best of nature on Heron Island, world famous for its spectacular coral reef and a sanctuary for an extraordinary variety of marine and bird life! 

Heron Island is a National Marine Park in the Great Barrier Reef Protected Zone, and provides important habitat for unique flora and fauna. Our nature activities include exploring the ancient Pisonia Forest surrounding your beachside cabin during the peak breeding season for the Black Noddy Terns and Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters (Mutton Birds). See female turtles laying eggs and turtle hatchlings emerging, making their way to the sea for their epic ocean voyages. 

Join Dr Lindsay Marshall and our team to explore the incredible wildlife at Heron Island, off the mid-north Queensland coast. Lindsay is a marine scientist and illustrator of sharks, rays, turtles and many other sea creatures! We will have a series of nature journaling and art workshops whilst also taking walks around the island, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and taking a relaxing sunset cruise! Book your place now! 


Join our NatureArt Lab membership program for course discounts, social art sessions and more!
We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our classes or nature tours! :)
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