NatureArt Lab offers participants the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and immerse themselves in art inspired by nature. Select a series of courses to suit your interests, and consider developing your foundation skills through a better understanding of colour theory, drawing skills or use of water-based mediums such as watercolour or gouache. Our team of experienced tutors will support your creative learning journey with expert instruction and guidance in a fully equipped art-science space.

Painting with Watercolour 2, Term Two 2020 - Lesley Wallington

 Lesley wallington




Establish your watercolour competency further with a range of advanced techniques and colour theory!

About the tutor:

Lesley Wallington is a professional, award-winning artist and NatureArt Lab tutor with more than 20 years’ experience. Her journey in water based media through studies at the ANU with Noel Ford has resulted in innovative approaches to her painting with competency across a range of mediums. As a teacher Lesley combines theory and technical advice with straightforward practical instruction on working with watercolour, gouache, pencil, ink and collage. With an in depth knowledge of her medium and extensive experience teaching all age groups and levels, Lesley has the ability to inspire and direct a class while encouraging the unique style of individual students.

About the course:

This course continues the exploration of painting with watercolour looking at harmony in colour and combination of techniques.  Students will complete a series of exercises and projects using monochromatic, complementary and analogous colour schemes and will gain practice combining wet and dry techniques with transparent glazing.   At the end of the course students will have an enhanced ability to identify and mix colour and an understanding of how different hues affect each other. 

Suitable for intermediate and advanced students with some watercolour experience. Refreshments are included. A materials list will be provided on booking.

20 April - 25 May 2020 

Monday 1.30 - 4.30pm (6 x 3 hour sessions - 18 hours of tuition)

NatureArt Lab, Workspace A, M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith, ACT

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Lesley wallington
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