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Studio Art Course: DRAWING TWO - THE JOY OF DISCOVERY - 10 - 31 March 2022 (Beginners to Intermediate)

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Drawing One opened our eyes to the art of observation. Drawing Two takes you further into the joys of discovery with nature drawing! This course builds confidence in your drawing skills facilitated in an immersive environment that will deepen your curiosity of nature and inspire as you explore your drawing subject, its environment and surrounding connections.

About the tutor:

Canberra based, Renee Prescott, has a passion for sharing her love of nature that many us walk past or often can’t see.  Renee is an avid photographer of nature’s awe-inspiring macro world, with a particular interest in fungi, moss and insects. Over the past years she has complemented her photography by focusing on various art mediums, including graphite; pen & ink; coloured pencil; and watercolour painting, to re-create the beauty and uniqueness of natural subjects (particularly when photos don’t do them justice). She looks forward to sharing her practical knowledge and experience and to inspire all to develop their artistic endeavours.

About the course: 

Nature drawing is more than simply drawing what is in front of you. It’s a process of discovery as you explore nature's inner workings and its surroundings. Gaining an understanding of your subject not only enhances your awareness and appreciation of nature but also influences the way you draw and create.

Delivered in quite a different format to Drawing One, Drawing Two will be an immersive environment delving into a different nature theme each week covering the diversity of both the botanical and animal worlds and applying it to how we draw in graphite, pen and ink. 

Each week, discover the joy and wonder of nature by exploring different aspects of the theme by various means including through scientific findings, habitat research, anatomy observations and examination under microscopes. As we explore you will learn how to interpret these subjects through the eyes of an artist applying the foundational principles including composition, values, and perspective.

Drawing will be a mix of demonstrations where you will follow steps and draw along with the tutor, with time to practice and experiment through the many drawing techniques. This will also allow you to explore and find your own style of artistic expression with assistance and guidance from your tutor as you go.  For this we will utilise the extensive range of specimens and equipment available at NatureArt Lab.

Suitable for beginners who have completed Drawing One Foundation Studies, and those wanting to revise their practice and build a solid foundation for skills.

A materials list will be available prior to the class. 

NatureArt Lab offers a safe space with social distancing observed throughout our course; students will have a full table to work at and student numbers are limited to 12 per class. We reserve the option to reschedule this course if required. 

Dates: 10 - 31 March 2022

Days/Times: Thursday mornings 9.30am - 12.30pm

Venue: NatureArt Lab, M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith

Parking: Free Parking available at the front and sides of the building.

Image credit: Renee Prescott