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Explore nature, science and art with NatureArt Lab’s exciting nature-inspired activities - only $10.00 - available for kids during the school holidays - and beyond - with home-based education! Experiment with different art and craft mediums and learn about our wildlife and plants through fun art and science activities.

So far, we have the following pdf activities ready to go: 

  • Autumn Leaves - find out why trees lose their leaves in autumn and create some beautiful drawings with watercolour techniques
  • Slimy Snails and Slugs - learn about slugs and snails, and make your own papercraft picture of a snail!
  • Curious Creatures - Deceptive Appearances - why do animals use camouflage and mimicry? Make a fold-out drawing of your favourite deceptive creature!
  • Golden Sun Moth Threatened Species Art Activity - learn about this critically endangered moth and how to draw it! The activity includes symmetry drawings and colouring pages.  

FREE - Kids' Nature Adventure - this one page activity guide includes nine different activities and ideas from ephemeral art, texture rubbings to leaf shape exercises. Lots of ideas for your next visit to a nature reserve!

    We aim to support enquiry-based learning, outdoor activities, skills for life and an emphasis on art inspired by nature!

      Suitable for 5-12 year old children.

      Keeping kids curious and happy!

      Please email your kids' paintings and activities for us to share on our NatureArt Kids Facebook page:

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