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Online Art Workshop for youth: NATURE JOURNALING AND DRAWING - AUSTRALIAN REPTILES - 28 September 2021 (9-16 years)

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Designed for young nature lovers from 9 - 16 years, this online course will focus on learning to observe and draw native Australian reptiles, whilst also learning cool facts about these amazing organisms. 

About our tutor:

Jessica Riese is a nature and science communicator who has been making art for as long as she can remember. She loves drawing from life, experimenting with new media and sketching using expressive lines.

She has had four years of experience as a graphic designer and freelance artist, while completing her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Jessica has worked in an extensive range of mediums, including – but not limited to – watercolour, inks, coloured pencil, chalk pastels and oil paints. She also has a passion for nature and the great outdoors, and is constantly inspired by the world around her.

About our course:

This online art class focuses on learning to observe and draw native Australian reptiles, and we will have a live model videos to draw from! We will talk through cool facts about these amazing animals and think about their habitat and adaptations to ecosystems. Students will get to use a range of media, including pencils, watercolour and felt-tip pens.

We will focus on sketching skills, and students will end the workshop with multiple studies and a final work. Through sketching, we aim to get familiar with the subject matter, its unique structures and how it has adapted to its environment. This workshop will combine art and science to better understand and draw these incredible animals.

Once students are comfortable drawing their subject, they can pick their favourite sketch to finish, and then focus on a single, simple composition. Students will also receive an informational activity page that will detail some of the science around Australian reptiles.

Learning Outcomes: 

- Become comfortable drawing from a reference
- Strengthen sketching skill and confidence
- Gain familiarity with new animals or plants
- Combine pencil, pen and watercolour into a cohesive work
- Learn about Australia's native flora and fauna

Suitable for students aged from 9 - 16 years who are serious about learning to observe and draw nature with whatever materials you have at home, including pencils, watercolours, ink pens or colour pencils. 

Dates: 2.00pm - 2.45pm on Tuesday 28 September 2021

Online Format: Further details and a link will be provided closer to the date for all participants. 

Photo credit: Julia Landford