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FREE!! Curious Creatures - Slimy snails and slugs! A NatureArt Kids Activity

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Learn all about snails and slugs and create your own colourful nature journal page! What are slugs and snails? Learn about the anatomy of slugs and snails. Where do they live? What do they eat? Do you know how many species there are in Australia?

NatureArt Lab has created a pdf tutorial for you to enjoy with your children. We are keen to continue to provide meaningful art and science activities while we are unable to provide our regular face-to-face programs and families are at home. 

Nature journaling creates opportunities for children to learn to observe, ask questions and wonder about our natural world. We encourage children to ask a lot of questions, as well as focusing on the use of words, pictures and numbers for each topic. We also encourage you to engage children in reflection about what they have learnt at the end of the session. This approach aims to support a growth mindset, notice and affirm accurate observations (avoid praising artwork), give appropriate and timely feedback, and support deliberate practice. 

Key to this approach is encouraging children to think: 

  • I wonder….., I notice…..., It reminds me of….. (Inspiration from John Muir Laws)

    Add this to your checkout, and we will forward a pdf tutorial with six pages of colour images and notes for the activity! 

    Thank you for your support with our creative art-science tutorials, specially designed for 5 - 12 year old students.

     snail anatomy