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A membership program is now available for anyone interested in accessing further benefits offered by NatureArt Lab. 


  • Single: $100.00
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children): $150.00
  • Pensioner or Full-time Student: $60.00 


  • Local field trips - free pre-arranged field trips to locations for students wanting to learn more about flora and fauna in the ACT region.
  • Priority notice for upcoming courses, Australian and international nature tours and local events.
  • 10% discount off courses (after full payment of a minimum of three six-week courses or weekend workshops of equivalent value in a calendar year).
  • Natural history collection access days - every month we will offer an open day for students wishing to access our natural history collections for an additional fee of $20.00 per session. Up to 25 people are able to attend on each day (with COVID sign up for our venue). 

How to join: 

Membership is easy! Simply choose your category at check out and finalise your payment. You can then register for collection access days and local field trips through our website. We will email you with priority notice about upcoming courses, events and field trips. Once you are eligible for course discounts, let us know and we will provide a code for use at checkout with further bookings.