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Field Trip and Studio Workshop: THE SECRETS OF MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY: 6 February 2022 (Intermediate to Advanced)

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Learn the art of macrophotography with expert scientist and nature photographer Dr. Damien Esquerre. 

About your tutor: 

Damien is a nature photographer and biologist, originally from Chile, and now an Australian resident. Both professions have taken him all around the world to visit wild and remote places. He has a PhD in evolutionary biology of reptiles, and is working in a post-doctoral research position at the Australian National University. He has described eight new species of lizard, authored many research papers, book chapters and a book. His photography has also been published in several books, exhibits, museums, magazines, newspapers and websites. He is also a photography instructor with NatureArt Lab, teaching a comprehensive nature photography course, macro photography workshops and accompanying our nature tours to Australian, South-East Asian, Central & South American destinations. Damien has an avid interest in snakes and lizards, but his photography interests and skills cover a wide array of subjects, going from the tiny world of insects, to the action photography of birds, from long exposure and flash night photography, to underwater photography. He is able to cater for all nature photography enthusiasts!

About the workshop:

Macro photography is the art of capturing images at high magnifications - making small things big in our photos and opening a whole new world of possibilities. This makes it one of the most popular and intriguing forms of photography. However, macro photography is also one the most technically difficult forms of photography. High magnifications, short working distances and shallow depths of field require very good technique and shooting habits to succeed.

This workshop is a full day workshop (from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) with theory and practical components covering how to achieve excellent quality close-up and macro photography, with a strong focus on nature subjects (for example: insects, spiders, fungi). Among the topics that will be covered will be getting sharp, good quality images with the use of natural light, modification of natural light (diffusers and reflectors), fill flash and full flash. We will also be covering some digital techniques, like photo stacking to achieve great depths of field which is unattainable otherwise.

Requirements include a good understanding of photography (at least on the use of aperture and shutter speed), having a camera (preferably DSLR) with at least one device to get macro (macro lens, extension tube, diopter) and a tripod. This is a great follow-up from the “Theory, Art and Practice of Nature Photography”.

Please Note: NatureArt Lab is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and reserves the right to reschedule if required at the time.

Date: Sunday 6 February 2022

Times: 8.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: Australian National Botanic Gardens (am) & NatureArt Lab Studio (pm)

 Photography: Damien Esquerre

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