Lamprima beetle - watercolour illustration by Julia Landford
JULIA LANDFORD - Founding Director of NatureArt Lab, established in 2017. Julia is an award-winning wildlife and botanical artist with a passion for nature. She has a strong interest in interdisciplinary art and science approaches environmental conservation and advocacy. Over the past 20 years, Julia has initiated many art science programs including:
  • establishment of Wildlife & Botanical Artists Inc (WABA, 1989-2018) in Canberra, a community arts organisation with over 100 members
  • initiation of new art, science and conservation networks across Australia
  • coordination of annual member art exhibitions and biannual national wildlife art exhibitions, and organised regular field trips and workshops for members
  • curated and led a national symposium on wildlife art and science in partnership with CSIRO
Julia has an extensive background in federal public sector management including a twenty-year career with Australia's Aid Program and Department of Foreign Affairs. Her career has included international development roles in South-East Asia, PNG and the Pacific region as well as in New York, Geneva and Rome with the United Nations. Julia is a qualified secondary education and adult education teacher and has a Masters Degree in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development (Australian National University). Julia is a member of the Australian Association of Environmental Educators (AAEE), and is an Executive Committee member of the ACT Chapter. She was awarded the 'Environmental Educator of the Year for the ACT' in 2019, as recognition for excellence in environmental education and sustainability.


Photograph of green coloured tree snake by Damien Esquerre

DR. DAMIEN ESQUERRE  - scientist and researcher with the Australian National University who specializes in snake and lizard evolution. He is also an extraordinary nature photographer with over 10 years of experience, having travelled to some of the wildest places in South and Central America, Australia and Asia (including our 2019 Borneo field trip) exclusively to photograph wildlife and nature. His photos have appeared on several books, expos, magazines, scientific journal covers, newspapers and websites. Damien teaches nature photography courses and workshops at NatureArt Lab, and accompanies many of our nature immersion field trips around the world.


Autumn leaves watercolour painting by Lesley Wallington

LESLEY WALLINGTON - professional artist and tutor with more than 20 years’ experience. During this time she has collected a series of awards for her unique and innovative paintings and has followed her journey in water based media through studies at the ANU. As a teacher Lesley combines theory and technical advice with straightforward practical instruction on working with watercolour, gouache, pencil, ink and collage. With an in depth knowledge of her medium and extensive experience teaching all age groups and levels, Lesley has the ability to inspire and direct a class while encouraging the unique style of individual students.

Pencil drawing of two snail shells by Gillian Carden

GILLIAN CARDEN - graphic designer and practicing artist with over 20 years' experience. Gillian combines theory and technical advice for our evening introductory watercolour and drawing classes. She has received excellent appraisals from students for her thorough approach to teaching.

Bonnie Koopmans - Artist and Science Communicator