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Join us on our new NatureArt Lab wildlife photography and art expedition to the wild northern tropics of Queensland for 17 days, first to the lush forests of the Atherton Tablelands, and then for an exploration of the untamed remote rainforests of the Iron Range, in northern Cape York.

Panorama Iron Range

You will be joined by the NatureArt Lab team with founder and artist Julia Landford, experienced entomologist Alan Landford, professional wildlife photographer and herpetologist Dr. Damien Esquerré and expert birdwatcher and evolutionary ecologist Dr. Timothée Bonnet. This team’s job will be to take you to carefully handpicked wildlife hotspots enabling you to see and photograph the amazing biodiversity of tropical north Queensland. With a wealth of knowledge in the field and in research, our team will ensure you find and successfully photograph your target species. We will also have many opportunities for nature journaling along the way, documenting your observations and experiences at these incredible destinations.

Spend six days and nights exploring the biodiverse highlands of the Atherton Tablelands, looking for exotic and unique flora and fauna to marvel and photograph or draw. Birds such as riflebirds, bowerbirds, monarchs; mammals such as Lumholtz's tree-kangaroos, striped possums, green possums; reptiles such as jungle carpet pythons, Boyd’s forest dragons, chameleon geckos and giant leaf-tailed geckos are just a few amongst the hundreds of incredible species we can find. See some of Australia’s largest butterflies and mothsstick insects, rhinoceros beetles and some of the region’s unique tropical insect diversity. The natural wonders of the crater lakes, the curtain fig, giant waterfalls and all the formidable natural formations make the Atherton Tablelands an incredible place. 

After six nights exploring this region, we return to Cairns for a night and next morning switch to four-wheel drive vehicles to embark on a more rugged adventure.

We will drive two days, with a night in between near Cooktown at a gorgeous property with a crocodile-free river and many bird species to finally make our way to the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park near the tip of Cape York. This magical place is formed by very special rainforest that demonstrates the connection between Australia and New Guinea, being the only place in the continent where we can find species normally only seen in New Guinea. These include the palm cockatoos (Australia’s largest cockatoo that can also drum!), eclectus parrots, seven kingfisher species including the yellow-billed and buff-breasted kingfishers, the magnificent green tree python (for some the prettiest snake on earth), canopy monitors and two species of cuscus (a unique arboreal marsupial), just to name a few. We will spend six days and nights exploring this nature jewel, with early morning and late afternoon bird walks as well as night spotlighting for mammals, frogs, reptiles and insects. We will offer interesting art and photography afternoon workshopand guest talks during the program.  There will be opportunities to relax at some of the breath-taking beaches and to cool down in the rainforest during the heat of the day. This place is guaranteed to amaze you! After this life-changing experience we will drive back to Cairns to conclude our adventure. 

This specialised tour is suitable for anyone interested in a nature adventure including 4WD road travel to remote destinations. Limited to 10 participants; must have a good level of fitness with the ability to walk trails and be able to tolerate warmer temperatures. 

What's included: 

  • 6-day adventure in the Atherton Tablelands
  • 9-day adventure to the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park, Cape York
  • Travel with professional guides specialising in birds, reptiles and insects
  • Workshops for artists and nature photographers
  • All accommodation (twin share for singles; double rooms for couples)
  • Transport with SUVs to Atherton Tablelands
  • Transport with 4WD vehicles to Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park
  • All food and refreshments (except breakfasts) including soft drinks and water

What's not included: 

  • Return airfares - discount fares are now available for bookings. We recommend arriving in Cairns by midday on 1 May so that you can join our welcome dinner for the group. 


$4,850.00 per person; no single supplements available. 

Book now with a deposit of $1,500.00; balance payable by 31 March 2021.

Itinerary plus terms and conditions available separately.


  • Depart Cairns - Atherton Tablelands (6 days) 1 - 7 May 2021
  • Depart Cairns - Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park (9 days) 8 - 17 May 2021

Please note: This nature tour is subject to change depending on COVID-19 status at the time of departure. Should the trip not be able to proceed on the proposed dates, we will reschedule with the same itinerary and arrangements. 

If you missed out on this trip, please contact us and we will add your details to our wait list for the next trip to Atherton Tablelands and Kutini Payamu (Iron Range National Park).