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Studio and Field Program (MAROOCHYDOORE): CONNECTING WITH NATURE THROUGH NATURE JOURNALING: 9 - 30 November 2021 (Beginners)

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Explore your curiosity and connection with the natural world through nature journaling! This 4-week course is lead by experienced tutor, field art
naturalist and NatureArt Lab Queensland Coordinator, Dion Dior.

About the tutor:
Dion Dior is a natural science illustrator, field artist, nature journaler, science communicator, instructor, and avid supporter of Citizen Science. Based in Noosa, Queensland, Dion’s work focuses on the revealing aspects of nature and biodiversity which she believes has a lifelong impact on our understanding of the natural world. Dion works primarily in graphite, watercolour, and ink. Through her instruction, she encourages collaborative learning, deep observation and field research to bring about greater skill and understanding. She believes that the journey from studio learning to field study is an interconnected dance of discovery for both Dion and her students. She holds a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University of Technology and was the List Solutions Prize gold medalist for Communication Strategy. She is Founder and Director of the Noosa & Sunshine Coast Nature Journal Club and regularly leads field trips and nature illustration workshops.

About the course:
Noosa boasts some of Australia's most unique and pristine natural spaces. From ancient rainforests, to spectacular coastal heath and wetlands. Connecting to nature is a profound way to calm the mind and remind us that the natural world is a wonderful place. During this four-week nature journaling program you will learn about the principles and practice of nature journaling, along with insights into the extraordinary habitats of Noosa and the surrounding areas, and the importance of nature connections and advocacy.

Nature journaling is all about learning to see, promoting curiosity, asking questions and starting to notice things around you. The nature journal you keep becomes a priceless record of you time spent in nature and a valuable tool for expanding your understanding. This Maroochy Bushlands Botanical Gardens program will have us in the Art and Ecology Classroom for the first week where Dion will explore a range of materials and mediums used in nature journaling, present a series of exercises on the essential drawing, writing and observation techniques, and guide you in developing skills that you can take into the field for your nature journaling practice. She will discuss the main elements of being a naturalist and explore the key steps for nature journaling using natural icons sourced locally.

In week two the focus will be on the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and their food plants and habitat which will take place in the new Birdwing gardens. Week three will explore the Ephemeral Wetlands and the species that inhabit them. The final week will focus on the Dry Eucalyptus Bushlands exploring arachnid and insect species and the three levels of dry bushland vegetation; forest floor, mid level barks and trunks, and the canopy.

Throughout the course participants will have the opportunity to observe, journal and learn about some of the fascinating interrelations between plants and animals in this unique part of the world. On completion of this course you will have a beautiful nature journal with a wealth of information on the key plant species and ecosystems of the Sunshine Coast. You will also have the confidence to observe, draw and write about the natural world, as well as the knowledge, skills, materials and techniques to develop a personal record of your nature experiences wherever you are in the world.

This course is suitable for all interested nature lovers and no artistic skills are required.

A nature journaling kit will be available for those interested, and a materials list will
be provided prior to the start of the course. NatureArt Lab is monitoring the COVID
situation closely and reserves the right to postpone the course if required. COVID safe
practices will apply throughout the course.

Dates: 9 - 30 November (4 Weeks)
Days/Times: Tuesday’s 9.30am - 12.30pm
Location: Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens, Tanawha, Queensland

Image: Nature Journaling by Dion Dior