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MARKERS, MICROSCOPES & MANDALAS, Sunday 23 Feb 2020 - For beginners and intermediate students

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Learn how to use microscopes and create cellular inspired mandalas in our one-day microscopy art workshop with Josie Cosgrove!

About the tutor:

Josie Cosgrove is a Canberra born and bred photographic artist who is passionate about art, science and nature. Josie completed her Bachelor of Photography in 2012 and went on to study a Bachelor of Science before creating her latest solo photographic exhibition ‘Cultured’; an exploration of the patterns and colours of the microscopic world.
Josie loves everything crafty and has expertise in Bookbinding, Printing, Design and Illustration and is also the manager of our kids programs!

About the workshop:

Josie will teach you the different types of microscopes and how to use them effectively to gain inspiration for creating Cellular Mandalas - Mandalas taking inspiration from the amazing patterns and colours found in nature, that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Using our diverse selection of insect specimens and plant and animal slides, you will observe them under the microscope and create beautiful mandalas using a range of sketching, pen and marker techniques taught by Josie. She will go through the different types of pens and markers available and fun tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your pens.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Different Types of Microscopes and how to use them (you will have access to three different types of microscopes during the workshop)
  • Scientific sketching techniques
  • Mandala Layout
  • Introduction to pens and colour theory
  • Pen and Marker techniques (blending, masking, watercolour effects etc)
  • Working on Mandalas and observing specimens
  • Finishing and framing artworks

This workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced students. A materials list will be provided on booking. Morning and afternoon tea refreshments are included; please bring your own lunch. 

Dates: 23 February 2020

Days/Times: Sunday 10.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: NatureArt Lab, Workspace A, M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith, ACT