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Natural History Collection Access (for NatureArt Lab members and education groups)

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The NatureArt Lab natural history collection includes a range of specimens which will be accessible to members at $20 per session for three hours on the last Friday of each month between 9.30am - 12.30pm. In addition to the specimens, there will be a selection of reference books available, and students will have access to studio microscopes for research purposes. Come along to sketch and research, nature journal, photograph and learn more about nature!

  • 26 February - Insect specimens including butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, dragonflies and cicadas
  • 26 March - Feathers 
  • 30 April - Fungi and lichens - dry specimens
  • 28 May - Shells and marine specimens
  • 25 June - Skulls and bones
  • 30 July - Seeds and pods

Advance bookings are required for these sessions; numbers are limited to 20 people. Please select your sessions at checkout, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Secondary Education, Home-schooling, Social and Commercial Access

  • The natural history resource collection is also available to teachers of senior secondary students for science, art and language classes. School access rates are available on request through our enquiry email below.
  • Home-schooling communities may also be interested in accessing these resources by appointment. 
  • Elements of the collection are also available for short-term commercial use. This may include for photographic styling.
  • Access can also be arranged for small social painting groups by appointment.

For education and commercial enquiries and any other requests, please contact us at

If you would like to access the natural history collections, and you are not a member you can join our membership program anytime. For details, see our membership information at: