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STUDIO COURSE - PAINTING RAYS WITH ACRYLICS, 10 - 11 October 2020 - Beginners - Intermediate

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Learn about stingray taxonomy and create your own beautiful natural history illustration with acrylics!

About the tutor: 

Rays of the World features a unique collection of paintings of all living batoid species by Australian natural history artist Lindsay Marshall, compiled as part of a multinational research initiative, the Chondrichthyan Tree of Life Project. As the sole illustrator for the project, Lindsay has spent six years illustrating one of the larger extant vertebral classes of species, the Chondrichtheys, in it’s entirety (sum 1200 species). This can be compared to painting every single living species of bony fish, or mammal, or reptile, or bird, or amphibian. Although Lindsay has a PhD in shark fin identification and illegal fisheries, she has not formal artistic training. She approaches her work with the perspective of scientific evaluation, with a great appreciation of form and colour and of the diversity of the natural world. This precision and attention to detail is exactly what is required of a scientific illustrator.

About the workshop: 

Join me as I take you through the process that I used to create the accurate natural history images for the Rays of the World book. We will be observing real specimens of stingrays from the local market and learning about stingray taxonomy, including how to identify a specimen using a taxonomic key. We will be observing, drawing and transferring to final watercolour paper. Next we will learn how to use masking fluid to recreate natural skin patterns on our base layer, before working on the upper layers and final detail of the ray in acrylic paint. The final outcome will be an accurate and detailed natural history drawing of a stingray. 

Workshop Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn about stingray taxonomy and how to identify a sting ray using identification guides and taxonomic keys
  • Create an accurate sketch of a stingray from observation of a subject
  • Use masking fluid to create realistic and taxonomically accurate skin patterns as their base layer
  • Use acrylic paints and medium to create upper layers and detail to represent the morphological elements of the stingray (such as mucous layers, thorns, tail  spines)
  • Create an A4 (210 × 297mm) picture of a stingray in natural history illustration style

Suitable for beginners and all interested artists. A materials list will be available prior to the class; supplementary materials (including watercolour paper, acrylic mediums, masking fluid and fixatives) will be supplied by the tutor for an extra $35.00 payable at the class). Students are requested to bring their own lunch and other snacks for the workshop duration.

Note: Hand hygiene and personal distancing rules will apply for the workshop. 

NatureArt Lab is following the progress of COVID-19 closely and reserves the right to postpone or convert to online format if necessary. 

Dates: 10 - 11 October 2020 (two days)

Days: Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: NatureArt Lab Studio, M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith

 Lindsay Marshall