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State Winner for 'Building Communities' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024; State Winner for 'Promoting Sustainability' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022
State Winner for 'Building Communities' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024; State Winner for 'Promoting Sustainability' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022

REFLECTIONS ON NATURE - Free Artist in Residency Program

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Reflections on Nature is a project designed to encourage artists to connect with nature over the coming months. We will be observing and creating in response to observations of colour, regrowth, seasonal change and interesting revelations.

Suitable for everyone from beginner artists through to nature lovers we are providing a guided journey of topics and inspirational thoughts for you each fortnight. We offer a safe space for you to share your sketches, photos, ideas, prose and observations. Nature journaling is also an important way of learning how to observe nature, using a simple set of drawing materials and a visual art diary.

This unique time of social isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic enables many people to stop and see nature around them.

We hope this opens new windows for observation and experience of our natural surrounds. We may even grow this into an exhibition of observations or a publication eventually!

Join now and connect with nature!

How to join:


2. You will receive a prompt to join

3. Answer two simple questions for membership

4. Click to join! 

5. Enjoy sharing your observations with a like-minded community of nature lovers.

6. If you would prefer to participate via email, please send your contributions for sharing with others to: 

 nature journaling equipmentWhite flowering native plant

A few guiding questions: 

    • what was seen….species lists and organisms’ behaviour?
    • what did you look for?
    • what gear is needed for exploring the place?
    • do you have any photos, sketches, poetry, sound recordings, prose about your visit?
    • how did the place make you feel? 
    • what vibes came from place, wildlife, plants, scenery?
    • when were you there, does time of day make a difference?
    • are there special places within places?
    • what did you do? 
    • do you have suggestions or comments for the place’s landcarers, land managers?
    • are there threats to the place?
    • would you like to know more about the area?
    • once online, links could be available for exploring geology, related Indigenous history, heritage and culture, Post-settlement history and heritage, more information about species, caring for Country, comparing weather over time

Discount Policy: Students may be eligible for Seniors Discount and/or Member Discounts on checkout.  If you are unsure about eligibility or how to claim this discount, please email

COVID-19 Policy: NatureArt Lab participants attending studio courses, workshops and nature tours are required to comply with current COVID-19 state policies.  Please check current policies for your state location.

Class Refund Policy:  Any changes or cancellations made by NatureArt Lab for any reason are 100% refunded or credited (for use on another course).  Any cancellations made by the purchaser are refunded (or held in credit) for the total amount LESS a $60 administrative processing fee.  Special consideration for waiving the $60 fee for compassionate/ extraordinary circumstances can be granted by NatureArt Lab by writing to

Nature Tour Refund Policy: Details for refunds on nature tours will be available separately.