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State Winner for 'Building Communities' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024; State Winner for 'Promoting Sustainability' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022
State Winner for 'Building Communities' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024; State Winner for 'Promoting Sustainability' in the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022
NatureArtLab Newsletter - August 2023

NatureArtLab Newsletter - August 2023

NatureArt Lab
Photo of a Wren

Image: 'By the Beach' - Linda Hollier

'Nature in Focus' Exhibition Recap

Last week marked the close of our 'Nature in Focus' nature photography exhibition, it was fantastic to see the range of entries by our photography course and workshop students, as well as the quality of the photos by three of our tutors: Renee Prescott, Yvonna de Jong and Cristy Froehlich.

Congratulations to our award winners!

- Commendation for Bird Photography - Jenny Varela
- Commendation for Use of Light - John Geasley
- Commendation for Composition - Linda Hollier
- Winner of the Overall Excellence in Nature Photography Award - Simone Slater
- People’s Choice Award - Jenny Varela

We would also like to thank Glenn Pure for judging the winners, Korske Ara of Lucent Imaging for sponsoring the awards, Jo Clay MLA for helping with the opening and Minister Shane Rattenbury and ACT’s Landcare Chair Maxine Cooper for attending the opening!

Images (left to right): Exhibition opening night with Jo Clay MLA; NatureArt Lab Director Julia Landford presenting the 2023 'People's Choice' Award. 

Our annual photography exhibition coincides with 'World Nature Conservation Day' which is held each year on 28 July, to raise awareness of the need to protect and conserve our natural resources and ecosystems.
NatureArt Lab also hosted a special networking event for members of the ACT Chapter, Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE) at the exhibition. This is an inspiring group of leaders who are passionate about improving education for sustainability in our schools and communities!


Wildlife Acrylics Course with Yvonna de Jong, Canberra

Acrylic painting of a Wren by Yvonna de Jong

On the theme of World Nature Conservation Day we are proud to offer a brand new course with environmentalist and experienced Canberra artist Yvonna de Jong. Learn how to create a beautiful painting of a Superb Fairy Wren using acrylic paints that are sustainable and naturally sourced. This is your chance to focus on the joy of painting nature using products friendly for both humans and the planet!


A warm welcome to new tutors - Adam Stockdale and Karen Holloway!

This month we are welcoming a new tutor to our ACT team, Karen Holloway, who will be teaching some of our core Watercolour courses as well as a new class on creating beautiful floral paintings using non-toxic environmentally friendly acrylic paints.

Karen Holloway is a Canberra-based botanical and mixed-media artist with a background in design and applied science. She combines her love of nature, patterns and surface decoration with keen observation honed by many years working as a paper conservator to create fresh, loose artworks with a vintage sensibility. Karen is an enthusiastic advocate for using art and observation to connect with nature regardless of age or skill level. She encourages students to enjoy investigating different techniques and mediums to embrace the beauty of nature and explore their own passion for the natural world.

If you'd like to learn about our new acrylics, we invite you to sign up for Karen or Yvonna's courses today! Sign up by Sunday 13th August and take $50 off the purchase price using the code ECOACRYLICS at the checkout!

Natural Acrylics Wildlife Painting - 25 August - 22 September 2023

Botanicals in Acrylic - 4 - 18 September 2023

Adam Stockdale (working under the pseudonym Burgkaba) is a Brisbane-based multidisciplinary artist and the newest member of our Queensland team. Adam creates artworks that aim to evoke quiet yet deep and touching moments from the audience by thoughtfully exploring themes such as the natural environment, man-made world, spirituality, identity, and the interactions between those elements. Adam engages with a wide range of mediums including painting and drawing, murals, installations, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, digital art, photography, animation, film, and music. Adam has worked as an animator, arts tutor, workshop facilitator, arts festival organiser, and contributes regularly to community arts programs in the Brisbane region.

Adam's first class will be teaching participants how to use chalk pastels and Expressionism techniques to create artworks inspired by our natural environment. He will also be in charge of the upcoming Drawing One course at our Brisbane location.


Upcoming Art Classes for Canberra, Queensland and Online.

Images: Butterfly print, Fenja T. Ringl

One Plate Many Colours with Fenja T Ringl, 12, 13, 19 August
Drawing Two Evenings with Taylor Singh,  21 August - 18 September
Watercolour Four with Lesley Wallington, 22 August - 12 September
Natural Acrylics Widlife Painting with Yvonna de Jong, 25 August - 22 September
Boronias in Watercolour with Halina Steele, 26 August & 27 August
Drawing Two Daytime with Renee Prescott, 31 August & 21 September


Eucalypt in Pastel Adam Stockdale art classes Brisbane

Images: Eucalyptus Leaves Expressionist approaches in Pastel by Adam Stockdale

Watercolour Two (Weekend Intensive) with Libby Derham, 9 & 10 September
Nature Expressionism in Pastel with Adam Stockdale, 9 - 16 September
Banksia Serrata in Watercolour with David Reynolds, 26 & 27 September
Drawing One with Adam Stockdale, 1 - 22 November


Wallaby on Scratchboard
with Joan MacKay, 2 , 9 & 16 September
Native Bees as Pollinators
with Anna Voytsekhovich, 11 November
Scientific Illustration
with Anna Voytsekhovich 25 November

Fringe LIly and Blue-banded Bee Anna Voytsekhovich Online art classes

Image: Fringe Lily and Blue-banded Bee, Anna Voytsekhovich


Did you know? Today is World Elephant Day - dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world's elephants.


Sign up for our newsletter for more updates and information on our short art courses and many other programs.

We would also love to hear your stories about nature and art that we can share with our community. If you have a story you'd like to share please contact us at:



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