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NatureArt Lab offers participants the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and immerse themselves in art inspired by nature. Select a series of courses to suit your interests, and consider developing your foundation skills through a better understanding of colour theory, drawing skills or use of water-based mediums such as watercolour or gouache. Our team of experienced tutors will support your creative learning journey with expert instruction and guidance in a fully equipped art-science space.

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A Bettong Workshop? ....... No Way! - By Peter Trusler

Posted by Julia Landford on
A Bettong Workshop? ....... No Way! - By Peter Trusler

"I realised that ... a workshop (on bettongs) was really worth doing .... Sure, it was going to be an enormous challenge for everyone, and yet the science and the culture it would embrace and promote is so critically important for the future".

NatureArt Lab's recent workshops have focused on endangered and threatened wildlife species, including the elusive Southern Bettong. Following a special twilight tour at Mulligan's Flat in Canberra, Australian illustrator Peter Trusler led a group of enthusiastic artists on a journey to better understand the bettong - using oil paints, coloured pencil and watercolour to create a series of impressive artworks.

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